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Becoming a Blooming Artist

Founded by Hannaa Adam, The Blooming Artist is more than an art school.
By becoming a Blooming Artist, creative women come together to nurture themselves and their art by working on their skills and their mindset so that they can fulfil their artistic dreams and live their best life.
Meet your instructor

Hannaa Adam

Hannaa is a Watercolor Artist and Illustrator from Perth, Australia. Creativity was always a part of her and after school she opted for a higher studies in architecture. Architecture school was different than she had imagined and Hannaa came out with a range of skills and knowledge about art and design. 

Deciding not to pursue a career in architecture, Hannaa instead opted to use what she had learned to explore graphic design and art. As the mother of a toddler, she experimented with digital design and launched a collection of children’s decor items. This love of creation eventually turned into painting, which Hannaa finds much more liberating. 

A self taught watercolor artist and illustrator, Hannaa explains the feeling of painting in watercolors as magic as the paint dances on the paper before settling in and creating its own valuable mark and unique beauty. 

 “When I work with watercolors, it brings out an intense focus transporting me to a distant realm. It is almost a meditative process and provides calm and peace to my my mind. It is my therapy amidst the chaos of everyday life.” 

She started The Blooming Artist to reflect her own journey where she went from being a daughter, wife and mum to discovering herself and blooming as an artistic woman. A bloom being the pattern created by watercolors when placed on wet paper, and the verb bloom meaning to grow and thrive.  

Through her courses, Hannaa inspires creative and artistic women to reconnect with  their creativity so that they can feel grounded, fulfilled and at peace.
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