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The blooming artist is created by

Hannaa Adam

"Teaching creative women to reach their full potential through art and watercolor painting"

I am an artist and illustrator from Perth in Australia and have a passion for art, creativity and watercolors!
I just love the way that the paint dances on paper to settle create pure magic. Art has an empowering effect that can change life, and this is why I started the Blooming Artist - To help woment feel empowered through art and watercolors.

Amethyst Alchemy

5 Day Paint Party to help you Confidently Paint
Magical & Bedazzling
Watercolor Crystals and Gems

Ruby Alchemy 

A Meditative Watercolor Class that helps achieve happiness and serenity by using the The Red Ruby as inspiration

Modern Watercolor Masterclass

Coming Soon
The beginning of your watercolor journey starts right here with some basic exercises to help you Confidently Create Stunning Paintings

Watercolor Alchemy

Coming Soon
A Membership to The Blooming Artist where each month you get access to two Watercolor Paintings Classes 


Always wondered how to get started creating stunning art to amaze everyone around you?

This new class is just what you need

Our students love us

I have never thought of myself as an artist, but with Hannaa's easy to follow, guided instructions, I found watercolor painting relaxing and therapeutic. I loved learning the different techniques. It was a totally wonderful experience.

Karen D.
Thanks to Hannaa I have discovered what I want to paint & how to paint it while achieving the desired effect I'm after.With my confidence growing I am open to trying new techniques and painting styles instead of feeling stuck & scared.

Karen W.
Joining Hannaa's Class on The Blooming Artist helped get amazing results with the techniques taught . I was able to obtain great results while feeling very relaxed.  I would encourage everyone to just start and get inspired by Hannaa's course!


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